Der Yokohama-Kotflügel und der aufblasbare Gummikotflügel wurden pünktlich an den Kunden geliefert.


Through the public efforts of all employees of the company, yokohama fender and inflatable rubber fender were delivered to the customer on time;

Marine fender production, the company strictly in accordance with the operating process, strict quality, each batch of fender to achieve perfection, so that customers use peace of mind, rest assured;

Thanks to each customer to our fender recognition, let us work together to create a better tomorrow

The company mainly produces: inflatable rubber fender, yokohama fender, ship fender, ship airbag, buoy, launching airbag, floating fender, submarine fender, etc.

ship-to-ship transfer operations.

   The marine fender has the following characteristics:

   1. Large energy absorption and low reaction force, so as to ensure that it will not harm the hull or the shore wall.

   2. The installation is simple and portable. In any ship, any water area is not affected by the tide and the size of the ship.

   3. Good resilience, the product will not be deformed due to the force after the force is applied. After the fender is squeezed, more than 95% will be released instantly after the force is restored to the original shape.

   4. The economic performance is good. Compared with the same period of last year, the price of Fate fender is relatively low, and the economic performance is good. reliable quality. Bate fenders go through layers of inspection from raw material procurement, product ordering, product production, product inspection and delivery to ensure their quality.

   5. Angle compensation. When the ship is docked, there must be a certain degree of pride. Inflatable fenders can play their performance, achieve inclined contact, and increase the safety factor. Inflatable rubber fenders are widely used in docks, docks, tankers, cargo ships, offshore platforms, warships, military ports, buoys, cargo handling at sea, pipeline leakage in the sea, etc. The products are CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR, etc. Classification society quality inspection certification. Stable quality, perfect after-sales service and reasonable price will make every customer satisfied.


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