Am 17. April wurde das Schiff der MPV31-Serie 643 mit dem Marine-Startairbag erfolgreich in Liegeplatz Nr. 2 gestartet.


On April 17, MPV31 series 643 ship was launched successfully in no.2 berth using Marine launching airbag. The ship is a shipbuilding co., LTD., built for swire shipping company MPV31 series 7 ship, its use Qingdao belt ship technology co., LTD. The safety of ship launching airbag on the production water, both in building quality and ship's safety, the safe and reliable guarantee, owner of the ship used Marine airbags smoothly, safe water is very high evaluation is given. , before and after the ship into the water, the company vigorously promotes the 5 s management and production safety, Qingdao belt ship technology co., LTD. At the same time also to the Marine airbags conducted a comprehensive inspection and test, layer upon layer to carry out the responsibility mechanism, their department asked to do a good job of single ship security plan, ranking position for Marine airbag, hull welding machine layout, channel setting, trash is put in advance planning, to establish perfect management system, to greatly improve the owner's satisfaction.

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